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Friday, December 2, 2005 Is a set of measures is an education reform? | JoelHRivas



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Friday, December 2, 2005 Is a set of measures is an education reform?

Friday, December 2, 2005 Is a set of measures is an education reform? those proposed yesterday by the 1st Minister are important but it begs the question of consistency. Between educational innovation with support for an experimental school and return to BA.BA or guilt of the families there is an abyss … It should also be noted that many of the measures announced last Thursday were already more or less implemented (assessment EC1, PCERA …). What is really new and, ultimately, of a break, the change of perspective. With the reform of the PTA, with "accountability-punishment" of parents with personalized support, with bonuses merits the result is a logic of the individual who seems to ignore and even deny the weight of social determinism. This is a strictly liberal perspective that is at work in the school’s vision and the company is willing to help individuals to allow some access to the Republican elite-but we really want to question the organization of the system and everything that happens exclusion?. Come Bourdieu, they have forgotten everything! Two interesting articles to read to power this question: one in Le Monde entitled "The right places the individual at the center of his doctrine" and the analysis of Davidenkoff in Liberation "School: saving a mold ". In the same newspaper, I also recommend the article on the experiences of students Zep. Since I was calling to the spirits of Pierre Bourdieu, here is a text that is pure sociology of social distinction … Happy reading … Monday ——————- ————————— Liberation 02/12/05 equality given to curriculum Villepin spring the great phrases " 2006 will be the year of equal opportunities as a great national cause, "he said yesterday at the conclusion of his press conference. After a November marked the urban riots, the Prime Minister presented the key measures of the law for equal opportunities. The text to be presented early in the year focuses on education and the fight against discrimination […] To enable students from the PTA to get into the best preparatory classes, the Lycee Henri IV in Paris will be the place for experimentation of a "personal support" of 30 students from autumn 2006. a symbolic measure, far removed from the socialist law proposal to ensure access of preparatory classes at 6% of the best students all high schools. Read more Article A Science-Po, "it lacked colors" Greeted since 2001, students PTA entrust their impressions between success and culture shock. Read more of the article The announcement symbol of an experimental high school Villepin applauded the imminent opening of an experimental high school in Seine-Saint-Denis, on the initiative of the Sciences-Po boss, Richard Descoings. An ideological victory of supporters of a different pedagogy? Not really. Educators are still considered the "fire" of education, and their methods, acclaimed when we do not know how, reminiscent of activists Freinet. Philippe Meirieu, he chuckled. "It is ultimately always the margin that takes the page" slides director of the IUFM of Lyon, convinced that innovation always end up serving the entire system. But tempers: "The methods that work, we know them." The Ministry of Education has also just received a clean bill to four experimental facilities unaccustomed to encouragement. Read more of the article School Analysis: saving a mold by Emmanuel DAVIDENKOFF Open more the networks of excellence strengthens a little the system and does not address the diversification of paths to success […] <. the most critical issue, and also the heretic is probably not "how to give more" but "how to give otherwise" without selling off provided the integrity of knowledge to pass on. The catch is that the question infers that the educational system, it does not create inequality, contributes at least to maintain; if he puts a layer in its compulsive propensity to prioritize "good" and "bad" channels, to classify ‘good’ and ‘bad’ students, a phenomenon that does not express any scale consistent value (there are also "bad" students in the classes of Henri-IV). […] It is not there to "give more" or "give otherwise" but to "give elsewhere," leaves to exhume alternative teaching approaches finally good practices to support students who do not fit into the mold (educators are accustomed: almost all their theoreticians have forged their tools in contact with children out of Makarenko to Korczak, Montessori Pestalozzi, etc.) […] Extend to the entire educational system that philosophy that a genuine diversification of paths to success and not a permanent hierarchy between "good" and "bad" channels, generating frustration and exclusion Req erait reform of an ambition that neither the right nor the left do not seem willing to take, especially as it does not question only school. Read more of the article 189 "ZEP students" since 2001. In 2001, Sciences Po has created a departure from its entrance exam, organizing selection oral reserved for students PTA seven colleges were partners. There are now 33 partner schools, mainly in Ile-de-France and in the East. Read more of the article Editorial Cabaret eu victims of discrimination can rest assured there longer to suffer. 2006 will be "the year of equal opportunities", decreed great national cause yesterday by Villepin. The announcement ready smile that adds to the long list of boastful slogans for ten years by the Chirac government. Would the neogaullistes determined to do more for the children cited as the son of laborers who lived there in the 70s? […] But the war of words at the top of the state, which amuses the gallery since Villepin and Sarkozy at Matignon in police, gives little hope for efficiency promised changes. Villepin said "equal opportunities" because Sarkozy speaks of "positive discrimination"; he announced a "concentration of resources" on the PTA as his interior minister pleaded yesterday for their "bankruptcy". To one verbal provocation, the other against the foot to the tune of temperance. This can make a cabaret but not necessarily political. Read more of the article Teaching a common history and Francoise Benoit FALAIZE LANTHEAUME Benedict Falaize charge of studies and research at the National Institute for Educational Research and Francoise Lantheaume a researcher at the National Institute for Educational Research (UMR education and political Lyon). Talking about the colonial legacy in its complexity is also weave a sense of belonging. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 02/12/05 Dominique de Villepin declared war on the press cONFERENCE school failure after press conference, Villepin therefore print style and how to reform the country. And casually, Premier traces its route. The counselors do change the slogans displayed in big boss behind the desk: "For a social growth, advance together" gave way yesterday to ". For the promotion of equal opportunities, progress together" […] in response to the crisis in the suburbs, the Prime Minister chose yesterday to tackle school failure and proposed to "get out of the spiral of failure," the 15 000 school children and 150 000 coming out each year without a diploma. Decreeing equal opportunities for great national cause 2006, the head of government has detailed a series of measures to boost employment in the districts, fight against discrimination and put the school operation in the flat zones priority education (ZEP). Read more of the article The Prime Minister devices to ensure "equality of opportunity" Here are the most important measures announced yesterday by Dominique de Villepin at its sixth news conference since arriving at Matignon. Read more of the article Priority is given to the responsibility of parents The suspension of allowances is provided for families by showing "serious failures" in the education of their children. Read more of the article sanction absenteeism In France, chronic truancy (four consecutive half-days per month without justification), is of the order of 2.6% in college, high school 4.8% and 12.8% in vocational school. Prior to 2004, 9000 suspensions of family allowance (for two months on average) related to truancy were pronounced per year. Deleted by the Act of 2 January 2004, this suspension was replaced by a system of fines of up to € 750. Read more of the article Identify students are not literate from the class EC 1 Reflection is also committed to the return B.A.BA as a method of learning the fundamentals. Read more of the article School: Villepin method The editorial by Alexis Brezet would they November Rioters, unknowingly burned as some of those Bastille for half a century defend education against any evolution? The question can be asked since we heard Villepin quietly shake the "model" who in the name of equality, has led the school of the Republic to produce the worst injustices. We were expecting a progress report, one discovers an education reform. partial reform, certainly, and again dashed, but by the philosophy that inspired it as in the mechanisms it wants to implement, in stark contrast to decades of "correct educationally" barely dented by Fillon law. Read more of the article The UMP welcomes, left, speaks of "scoops" Policy responses and trade measures announced have increased. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 01/12/05 (a day late) at age 14, the school will do more for them Villepin must now specify the content of the measures advocated learning. A widely criticized as archaic approach. Read more of the article "At 14, you’re a child" In a CFA of Val-de-Marne, the idea of ??advancing age learning arouses hostility among trainers. Read more of the article "Learning to fourteen risk of a double social penalty" For the sociologist Gilles Moreau, lowering the entry age in learning between school and vocational training, penalizes young people with learning difficulties. Read more of the article What happens to the apprentice? Learning does not always guarantee access to skilled employment. Young people who find work are the graduates. Read more of the article PCF School, a sorting center? "Today, 68% of students in third oriented towards a professional career are from the most popular environments. This proposal, which runs counter to the desire for greater equality between all students will further increase the gap by creating short courses at a discount. It endorses the social differences and renounce the fight against school failure. She made the school a sorting center rather than a place of education, access to culture and development for all. »Read more of the article A customized copy for MEDEF reform providing for the lowering of the age for entering an apprenticeship is in a process of adapting the training to the requirements of the employers’ organization. Read more of the article EDITORIAL BY JEAN-PAUL pierot sepia Policy Question: What is the favorite color of the people who govern us? The sepia certainly color photographs yellowed by the years. […] Last episode in retrospect, the return to child labor. Or at least a portion of the children of our country. Because that is what it is, regardless of the deceptive dressing, populist formulas used to introduce the possibility for teenagers fourteen enter as apprentices in the labor market. For the first time in history since Jules Ferry, France is preparing to reduce the duration of schooling. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 02/12/05 (paying) Parents fined the Prime Minister yesterday announced a series of measures in response to the crisis in the suburbs. Parents of struggling students must sign a responsibility contract. With fines and suspension of benefits in case of non-compliance. Read more of the article "The monitor 24 hours a 24, it’s impossible" Mahjouba, parent of a student there perhaps the seed of teen difficult in this little angel’s head with devilishly naughty eyes . Karim only 9 years old but already a penchant for fighting. Read more of the article A contract liability Some 20,000 families targeted. It is no longer just "react" parents whose children skip classes, but to target those who fight – more generally – of the wing: small hanging outside, college students who .. Read more Article up to prison in England FINES up to more than 4000 and up to three months of imprisonment for parents. Since 2000, the UK government fights against truancy, considered the antechamber of delinquency. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– La Croix 02/12/05 Dominique de Villepin Dominique de Villepin press conference said Thursday 1st December that "our country out of a severe test," in his conference opening address monthly press Matignon. "The urgency today is to make equality of opportunity a reality for everyone, with two levers: employment and education," he added, before unveiling the measures that it intends to implement to achieve this. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 02/12/05 discrimination on an equal footing Put inequality illegally. It is the wish of the Prime Minister, who devoted his monthly hire someone to do homework for me
press conference at his plan for equal opportunities, based on education or parental responsibility. Measurements for some criticism, which can be implemented very quickly, learning from 14 years will be operational by example in September 2006. Read more of the article The Director of Sciences Po Launches Experimental High School "A real school, public, with students from the colleges of the department, which would lead to the ferry: this is my project, "said yesterday Richard Descoings, director of Sciences Po Paris. In an interview published yesterday in Le Parisien, he announced to want to open in September 2006, "elite school" in the suburbs. It would mobilize a team of experienced teachers, volunteers, paid according to the actual number of hours worked, to lead students to a difficult suburb tray. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Ouest-France’s Villepin 02/12/05 strengthens Zep and contradicts Sarkozy "equal opportunity" was the center of the sixth monthly press conference of Dominique de Villepin. The Prime Minister has decided to increase the capacity of priority education zones (Zep), taking against the foot of Nicolas Sarkozy asked "bankruptcy". Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 03/12/05 right places the individual at the center of his teaching That idea, UMP dreamed for so long … Thursday December 1, offering parents familiar children truancy a "mandatory parental responsibility contract or face a fine (…) or a guardianship or suspension of family allowances," Villepin takes note of a new balance of power. The empowerment of the individual, along with the personalization of support for the disadvantaged, was chosen this time to the usual global responses by the State. Until then, these notions of responsibility and individual, which are one of the bases of thought right, were traditionally worn by the Liberals, such as Alain Madelin and Charles Millon, two historical support of Jacques Chirac in 1995. they were taken over by Nicolas Sarkozy to better illustrate the "break" that he intends to propose in response to a decade of Chiraquism marked, he said, by "the failure of the welfare state", the "social model" and "integration model." A vision far harshly opposed by the Prime Minister. […] Still, the speech significantly breaks with the image that wants to give the Prime Minister. He also broke with a decade of Chiraquism, who accompanied some victimhood particular vision of society. The implementation of anti-discrimination measures – such as the opening for the best students of PTA in a Parisian high school, a reception class to integrate preparatory classes – Liberal completes this year. But the dogma of success for all and the systemic policies seem to have lived. Among the political and union reactions to the proposals of the Prime Minister, nobody caught this shift. During Mr. de Villepin press conference, Azouz Begag said: "I am not the Minister of equal opportunities, but opportunities." Read more of the article Prepas: reception classes at Henri-IV prestigious Parisian lycee Henri IV is expected to host in September next thirty students from priority education zones (ZEP). This is one of the provisions announced on Thursday 1 December by Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin. This is "to enable students from the PTA to get in good conditions in the best preparatory classes" to schools through of "personalized support in reception classes," he said. The choice of the Lycee Henri IV, Temple republican elitism, is not a coincidence. The headmaster of the school, Patrice Corre, had already proposed in 2001 a project to better prepare for preparatory classes, in terms of general culture and way of working, high school students from priority education zones. A project that had not emerged. Read more of the article Jean-Pierre Rosenczveig, president of the juvenile court of Bobigny "guilt Contracts" This measure (the contract of parental responsibility) is the cousin of "parenting courses", implemented against parents called "offenders" because their children are delinquents, and had generated some skepticism. A contract implies equal rights partners. But one can doubt the ability of families to hear and understand what is expected by the public authorities. If they were able to sign a free contract and reflects chi, they would have been able to implement themselves what was expected of them. Read more of the article Christophe Michel, principal of Albert Camus college in Meaux (Seine et Marne) "The obligation is interesting" I currently hosts modules to empower parents on absenteeism of their children. They are talking places and listening where representatives of the judicial youth protection, social services, national education, associations and others remind parents the principles of compulsory education and help to find ways to help their children find the way to school. Families are invited to come see us, but there is no obligation. But last year, about 24 families contacted, only fifteen responded to our appeal. This is a limit of the device. The idea of ??a parental responsibility contract seems interesting. For contracting should lift this obstacle.Reste to know when the repressive phase will be started. From experience I know that families affected by truancy accumulate as many other difficulties. Read more of the article Didier Dubasque, national secretary of the National Association of Social Workers "Move difficulties" We are quite opposed to the idea of ??financial sanctions because the reconquest of parental authority can not be decreed. When their children have behavior problems, many parents come to us and say: "Take our kid, one wants more." They are overwhelmed. Such situations are often related to relationship difficulties within the family. To adjust, we need of social support, over many months. Now we have all the trouble to respond to the request for lack of sufficient resources. In addition, the non-payment of benefits may unbalance the budget of families with low incomes. They will then turn to health centers or other emergency devices to seek help. Decisions of this type are likely to be experienced as a humiliation by parents. They solve nothing and move the difficulties to other players in the welfare state. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur daily 02/12/05 sETTLEMENT: the French approve of the "positive" role 64% of respondents CSA wish that school programs recognize the "positive role" of colonization, 57% left. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- selection in the 02/12/05 dispatches Senate vote of school education credits for 2006 (58.4 billion), the Senate adopted in the night of Thursday to Friday the credits of school education in 2006, promoted by the Minister Gilles de Robien, amounting to 58.47 billion euros, up 3.65% at constant scope compared to 2005. Composed of six programs, these credits, which are the "Mission budget" the largest in the state (22.5%) and combine the departments of Education and Agriculture, have been approved by the senators UMP and UDF. The PS and PCF groups voted against. Mr de Robien presented its text on the grounds that "the school must offer all children a general education and civics." "Against social despair, the best remedy is education, through equal opportunities," he he said. Read more of the article Villepin pass to practical work and justifies parental contract Villepin has sought Friday after the presentation of his plan for equal opportunities, to justify its decision to create a "contract parental responsibility ", saying it would be an" incentive mechanical "and not to" sanction ". After Thursday announced a series of measures in education, the Prime Minister is spent in practical work by visiting the land of his Minister of Education Gilles de Robien, who is also the only member of his government UDF . "Far from me the idea to make a new mechanical punishment," he said while visiting the Jean Moulin college in Moreuil (Somme), near Amiens. Read more of the article Exclusion of two college students in Ardeche for antisemitic Two students of a college Ardeche, aged 14, were permanently excluded for writing anti-Semitic remarks on punishment and made the Nazi hello to Professor, did on Friday to the director of the institution. "These two students had crossed the limits of what is tolerable in terms Republicans and secularism," said George Besset, college director of Eyrieux to Saint-Sauveur-de-Montagut (Ardeche), a town of 1,300 inhabitants. The teacher laid a complaint with the police. Read more of the article Demonstration unpaid trainee teachers in Seine-Saint-Denis One hundred students trainee teachers at the IUFM of Livry-Gargan protesting Friday in front of the Academic Inspectorate of Seine-Saint-Denis in Bobigny for payment of wages or advances, found an AFP journalist. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- for more VousNousIls the site (Section education dispatches AFP) AFP dispatches on lesite Voila.fr the Yahoo News website under the house education teachers teaching the essential coffee Posted by Watrelot on Friday, December 2, 2005


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