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April 2019
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Defenses on display.

Burdisso 1’54 “33 (54” 38), Carini 1’54 “55, Pelizzari 1’54” 56, Berlincioni 1’54 “99, Ciampi 1’55” 66; 100 mx bears Orsi 51 “57 (rec. Ital ,, prev. 51” 76 of the 17-12-’17)), Genes 52 “60, Scozzoli 52” 86, Glessi 53 “34. Women – 50 sl Ferraioli 24 “28, 24 Ruberti” 76, Di Pietro 24 “80, Pellegrini 24” 87 Raco 24 “99; 800 sl Quadarella 8’13 “41 (p., 59” 34, 2’01 “22 3’03” 60 4’05 “99), Gabrielleschi 8’23” 43, Caramignoli 8’24 “28; 200 backstroke Panziera 2’01 “56 (28” 92, 59 “35, 1’30” 41, rec.

Ital. Prev. 2’02 “43 of the 17-12-‘2017 in Copenhagen), D’Innocenzo 2 ‘ 06 “08, Cenci 2’06” 95, Gaetani 2’07 “85; http://1xbet.footballresultstoday.org/ 200 mx Pirovano 2’08 “97, Franceschi 2’09” 19, Trombetti 2’10 “25, Cocconcelli 2’10” 99, Letrari 2’12 “77; 4×50 mx 91 Azurra Bologna 1’47 “83 (rec. Italian soc., Prev.

Aniene 1’48” 79 dell’1-12-2017, Cocconcelli 27 “08, Carraro 30” 09, White 26 “20, 24 Ruberti “46), Golden Flames 1’48” 47, Police 1’49 “27, Aniene 1’50” 11. Stefano Arcobelli

January 7, 2019 – Milan Magic playoff Foles strikes again. The last wildcard to win Philadelphia, after the successes of Indianapolis, Dallas and Los Angeles (Chargers). They beat the Bears in Chicago 16-15 in the most exciting game of the first round of the postseason poker. He will play against New Orleans Sunday, January 13, from 22:40 Italian time. The other NFC Divisional become Los Angeles (Rams) -Dallas, Saturday, Jan.

12, in the Italian night, from 2.15. Football Cody Parkey that will end up on the pole SLIDING DOORS – You have to be actants to what you want, why you want it might come true, and then it’s up to deal with the consequences. He learns at his own expense Chicago, who went on to win in Minneapolis an irrelevant match thus winning the junction with the defending champions when losing could host the Vikings …

Let’s start from the end. Foles converts a desperate 4th goal finding from 2 yds Tate for the overtaking of the destination, with 56 “to play, Trubisky replication bringing the Bears up to 25 yds opponents. Where s’arena. The kicker, Cody Parkey, goes “on the pitch”.

Immediate time out of Coach Pederson. With the world on him, an apparently unbearable pressure, Parker hits the left post with 6 “to play. The Eagles show once more that the heart of the samples should never be underestimated. They dug out Soldier Field due to the nth defensive game of the first round of the postseason, where 24 Dallas points were the highest score at the scoreboard. Defenses on display.

A completely different football than to play station with scores “on steroids” of the regular season. The Bears closed prematurely a season still to revelation. Of that defense we will hear in the future.

Although Mack this time, the face of these Bears, has left its mark. THE GAME – Philly 3-0 after the first 15 ‘of football. Then Foles is intercepted by Smith, doing a stunt tearing the oval Smallwood, at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. The Bears suffered tie: 3-3.

So Amos intercepts Foles, author of a bad time launch, for a touchback: the aerial game of the samples in grinding yds charge, but does not total points. Targets as Jeffery Tate and TE Ertz have the advantage of the Eagles, but the big play of the secondary Bears put us a piece. Think: Foles to only one interception in three games in the 2018 playoffs triumphant, two at a time in the first game of the post season 2019.

If Philly can not run, can not run Trubisky, graced by the Eagles secondary that you eat interceptions . The result is a first-time defensive. At the end the Bears put the arrow with the butt of Parkey from 29 yds, that of 6-3 which sends teams interval. For Philly a partial victory: one sack granted to the opposing pass rush. Then Foles redeems: throws in goal for TE Goedert. Philly 10-6 after 45 ‘. But Bears in the Red Zone, and 10-9 at the start of the 4th quarter.

The last part seems to Chicago brand: Trubisky Robinson for 22 yds and a touchdown in the 15-10. The conversion of 2 points is not working, anyway. Then Foles worked magic wand.

Drag the Eagles on the opposing goal line, but there are jamming, rejected by barricades Bear. Desperate and fierce. So 56 “to play: 4th & goal. All or nothing for Philly. All.

Foles is hands Tate, acquired in midseason trade from Detroit, when things for the Eagles seemed to many compromised. Not the leadership of the samples, rewarded for their faith. However Sproles does not convert 2 points. Now with a Chicago football is not equalized, but wins. The decisive drive started well.

Great return to kick off the effervescent Cohen. Bears on 42 yds 48 “to play. Trubisky under pressure reaches 25 yds on the “enemy”. But there gets bogged down. He decides the spinster of Parkey, from 43 yds.

Pole. And Philly, daring entry into the playoffs, won the sixth of their last seven games played, and you earn the trip to New Orleans. Who knows that the spell playoffs Foles does not frighten even Brees … Riccardo Pratesi

October 23, 2018 – Milan captain Peter’s children, 34 years LaPresse Tosta as if expecting Sandro Campaign. The inaugural challenge of Europe Cup, in Podgorica, it becomes a battle: the tick Montenegro on penalties, but the Azzurri return home with a point that could prove invaluable. This year, the tournament is doubly important because the semi-finalists to the finals of the World League, which in turn will put at stake the first pass for the Tokyo Games.

Swing – Blue brilliant in the first part, then the expected return of the hosts that -3’30 “benefiting from a contested committed brutality Renzuto (shot at Marko Petkovic). The rigor of the draw is signed by Captain recchese Ivovic, then the Country team is stoic in preserving the 8-8 with the man down and put off the epilogue to shots from five meters.

The sprouting Slavs after the little children errors, Gallo and Echenique. comment – says the c.t .: “It ‘was a great game, very physical, and as long as we were in a position we have held remarkably well. I will not attack me … We have to adapt to arbitration.

The team would have deserved a different result: we have always led the match, even with two-goal lead three times. Too bad for the vacuum passage in the third period, but I was pleased overall. The boys are always in difficulties off: as the last quarter in which they defended to the great despite the heavily outnumbered by more than three minutes. ” It may be a direct-playoff confrontation, if France (the other team in the group) got the organization of the Final Eight, thus qualifying in law and leaving one place available between Montenegro and Italy.

Even finishing first in the group would be valuable, beyond all, because in the quarterfinals would face the runners-up of Group A, presumably Russia, avoiding the insidious Hungary. Montenegro-Italy 11-8 rig. (2-3, 0-1, 4-2, 2-2) MONTENEGRO: Lazovic, Dr.Brgulian 2, Banicevic, A.Petkovic, Popadic 1, Draskovic, M.Janovic 1, Djurdjic 1, A.Ivovic 3, Spaic, Cuckovic, Murisic, Kandic. All. Gojkovic.

ITALY: Del Lungo, F.Di Fulvio 1, Molina 2, 1 Little children, A.Fondelli 1, Velotto, Renzuto, Gallo, N.Presciutti 1 1 Echenique, Aicardi 1, Bertoli, Nicosia. All. Country. REFEREES: Putnikovic (Rus) and Tiozzo (Cro). NOTES: regular time 8-8.

S.N. Montenegro 12 (3 goals), Italy 8 (2). Usc. 3 f. Popadic 27’01 “. Esp. Renzuto 28’30 “brutality.

Penalty sequence: A.Ivovic goals, Little children saved, M.Janovic goals, Gallo saved, Djurdjic goals, Echenique crossbar. The ranking: Montenegro 2; Italy 1; France 0 * (* a game in hand) The schedule: Day 2 (13/11) Italy-France, 3rd g. (11/12) France-Montenegro, 4th g. (29/1) Italy-Montenegro, 5th g. (19/2) France-Italy, 6th g. (12/3) Montenegro-France. The other group: Russia, Hungary, Malta, Germany (A); Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine (B); Romania, Serbia, Croatia (D).

At the Final Eight (April 5 to 7) are the top two in each group. Franco Carrella

January 4, 2019 – Milan Nearly one point less per game. To be precise, 0.91. Dall’8,94 which ended the Serie A 2017-18 8.03 which is traveling in this league.

We’re talking about Mauro Icardi, Inter captain and one of the top players in the plank Magic. And yet … And yet Maurito is making less than expected.

At least in fantasy football, where last year closed according to fantamedia, while today it is just seventh. Obviously we talk about Magic, because if we extend his season Champions, the numbers say that the 4 goals in 6 games rather change the subject.


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